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from: Central Africa | cooking method: boiling-simmering

Muamba de Galinha

Angola's Muamba de Galinha (Chicken Muamba) is a relation of the Poulet Moambé and Moambé Stew of the Congo River region. It is made from chicken and a red palm oil sauce called muamba de dendem, (dendê, dendén), similar to the Moambé Sauce of the Congo region. (It seems that sometimes the word Muamba also refers to a dish made with peanuts, as in Muamba Nsusu).

The basic Muamba de Galinha is made from chicken, onion, palm oil or muamba de dendem, garlic, and okra, plus a type of Angolan hot chile pepper called gindungo.

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In Angola, the most common and most traditional accompaniment to Muamba de Galinha is funge, a starchy Fufu-like staple made by boiling and stirring corn (maize) or manioc (cassava) meal into a stiff porridge. The Muamba de Galinha and funge are often served with palm oil beans: beans which have been cooked until tender, then seasoned with muamba sauce or palm oil, and salt.

Some cooks prepare their Muamba de Galinha with a mixture of palm oil and bacon fat, or a mixture of palm oil and olive oil. (Olive trees have been grown in Angola since the early days of Portuguese exploration and settlement in Africa.) The sauce can be thickened just before serving by mixing a few tablespoons of corn starch or corn flour with hot palm oil (from the cooking pot), then stirring the mixture into the dish and simmering a few minutes. Fish can be prepared with the same recipe, substituting fish for chicken.

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