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from: Central Africa | cooking method: boiling-simmering

Poulet Moambé / Poulet Nyembwe

Moambé Sauce / Nyembwe Sauce is made from the ripe red fruit which surrounds the seed of the African oil palm. Poulet Moambé or Poulet a la Moambé (Chicken in Moambé sauce) is popular throughout the Congo River area. In Gabon, Poulet Nyembwe (also spelled Gnemboue), or Chicken in Nyembwe sauce, is considered the Gabonese national dish. Moambé is also made with meat. Other palm fruit and palm oil recipes include: Palm Butter, and Palm-Oil Chop.

harvest of african oil palm (palm nuts) and coconut in guinea

What you need

What you do

Canned palm soup base is usually available only in large cans; if you have more than needed, make some Okra and Greens.

Also see the Moambé Sauce / Nyembwe Sauce recipe page.

More about Poulet Moambé / Poulet Nyembwe in the Rare Recipes pages:

Family Advisory Board of the CIA

Chicken Moamba

This excerpt, courtesy of a CIA family in an undisclosed African location, comes from a cookbook produced by the Family Advisory Board of the CIA, Spies, Black Ties, & Mango Pies: Stories and recipes from CIA families all over the world (Community Communications, 1997).

Chicken with a View

My first overseas assignment to a tiny African country will always have a special place in my heart. First, it was one of those authentic African places where no tourists ventured. Outside the capital city, life had a rhythm undisturbed by the passage of centuries and the colonial experience. I lived in a beautiful old villa set among palm, avocado, and mango trees. The villa sat on a hill overlooking the capital and had a breathtaking view of a lake and mountains receding into the horizon. The view was so spectacular that it became part of a ritual. Before each meal, I stopped to take in the changing view and to listen for the sound of drums in the distance.

I was lucky to have a great cook, Bernard. Here is Bernard's specialty, Chicken Moamba.

Chicken Moamba

1. Three days before preparing the recipe, send your houseman up a palm tree to bring down the nuts.
2. Extract the palm oil from the nuts in a sturdy, stone mortar.
3. The day before, slaughter a chicken from your chicken coop and pluck it.
4. Marinate the chicken in the palm oil.
5. The day you prepare the recipe, cut some manioc leaves from manioc plants in your vegetable garden and chop them coarsely.
6. Sauté the chicken in the palm oil until tender.
7. Steam the manioc leaves in a colander.
8. Prepare white rice in your favorite way.
9. Take Alka Seltzer after eating the meal.
10. Do not have Chicken Moamba two days in a row.

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