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from: Central Africa | cooking method: boiling-simmering


Dongo-Dongo is another example of an African dish that is both a sauce and a soup. It is sometimes made with fish, and sometimes with meat, but always with okra. Given that gombo or gumbo is the most common central African name for okra, and that Dongo-Dongo is basically an okra soup, it seems likely that this recipe is a distant African relation of the famous Cajun-Creole Gumbo of Louisiana. See the early okra and gumbo recipes in the Rare African Recipes pages.

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Many Central African cooks use baking soda, or a piece of rough potash, to give a salty flavor to soups and sauces.

Is Dongo-Dongo a reduplication? See the Coupé-Coupé recipe.

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O le bi oju eja ti ehin ko le iwe. (Yoruba) : It is as hard as the eye of a (smoked) fish, which the teeth cannot break. N.B. -- Applicable to any difficult matter.
  (from: Wit and Wisdom from West Africa, Richard Francis Burton)

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