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from: all over Africa | cooking method: broiling-grilling


Kebabs, kabobs, or shish kebabs (from the Turkish, siskebabi, roasted meat) are popular all over the world. What could be more basic than roasting meat on a stick? Scholars think that meat (or other food) was first cooked in Africa tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago -- and Africans have been roasting meat ever since. In French-speaking Africa, sticks of roasted meat are called brochettes, (from the French word for "skewer"), and they are often sold by vendors on city streets. There are lots of ways to prepare brochettes. Lamb (meat and kidneys) is preferred in Northern Africa; in Sub-Saharan Africa various meats are used. The basic process is to marinate the meat, thread it on a skewer, and grill it over a fire. There are no quantities for the ingredients in these recipes: how you make your marinade depends on how much meat you're cooking and what ingredients you like. (However, as a guide, the ingredients are listed by volume from largest to smallest.)

cotton is a cash crop in many african countries

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Other African Meat-on-a-Skewer recipes

Other meat-on-a-skewer dishes found in Africa are mishkaki, suya, and sosaties, and kofta.

Mishkaki -- Swahili shish kebabs (from Eastern Africa) with an Indian flavor.

Suya -- West African shish kebabs with a peanuty spice rub.

Sosaties (soesaties, sasaties, sassatees, etc.) -- a Malay-inspired dish popular in South Africa, related to satay of Malaysia. Making sosaties involves briefly cooking a complex marinade (of seasonings, spices, apricot fruit or jam, etc.) in which lamb meat is marinated for two or three days before being grilled. (See the "Rare Recipe" excerpts from African Cooking by Laurens van der Post. )

Kofta -- evidently of Turkish origin, brought to Eastern Africa from India and Arabia, are made with a mixture of minced meat and seasonings. It is then molded onto skewers and cooked on a grill. It can also be formed into patties or meatballs and cooked in a pan.

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