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from: Eastern Africa | cooking method: boiling-simmering

Sukuma Wiki

The Swahili phrase Sukuma Wiki means push the week -- what's really being pushed is the family food budget. This is a great way to use up leftover meat (like Nyama Choma ) by combining it with greens and a few other ingredients to make a savory dish. In Africa this dish might be made with greens similar to kale or collards, but it can also be made with cassava leaves, sweet potato leaves, or pumpkin leaves. It is also tasty without any meat.

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Most Unusual piece of Misinformation about African Food

Beijing Scene Online: best bites (Beijing Scene, Volume 5, Issue 24, September 3 - 9) reviews Timbuktu, which may be the first African restaurant in China. An African restaurant in China is a good thing; a sign that African food is gaining the respect it deserves among the world's great cuisines. No doubt Africans studying and doing business in China are happy to have a place to call their own. Too bad Timbuktuís chef, a Nigerian and amateur etymologist named Titus, didn't check The Kamusi Project: Internet Living Swahili Dictionary before explaining the origin of "Sukimawiki, an East African dish consisting of fried onions and tomatoes" by saying "When you eat it, it looks like you are sucking down a length of wick from a kerosene lamp". The Swahili verb "Sukuma" means "push", and "Wiki" is the Swahili version of the English word "week" (not "wick"). "Sukuma Wiki" is a dish that "pushes the week" by feeding the family day by day.

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Mbiti yi mwana ndiisaa ikamina. (Akamba, Kenya) : The hyena with a cub does not eat up all the available food. Parents would rather starve than see their children going hungry. (Also: "Fisi mwenye mtoto hali na kumaliza chakula." in Swahili.)
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