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Most Popular Pages

According to our logs, these are the most viewed webpages in The Congo Cookbook website, index pages excluded. (2004)

  1. Plantains
    Evidently many people find this page in Search engine results for Plantains
  2. Grilled Tilapia
  3. Fufu
    The standard staple of many an African meal
  4. Jollof Rice
    Classic West African Rice-and-____ dish
  5. Fruit Salad
    Great dessert course for an African feast
  6. Congo Bars
    Not Out of Africa.
  7. Elephant Soup
  8. Yam
    An African staple.
  9. Piri-Piri Chicken
    Hot stuff from Southern Africa
  10. Tagine of Chicken, Preserved Lemon, & Olives
    Classic dish from Morocco.
  11. Ginger Beer
    Refreshing, but with a kick
  12. Coconut Pie
    Ex-pat favorite.
  13. African Hot Sauce & Pili-Pili Sauce
    More hot stuff.
  14. Chapati
    Indian-style flatbread from Eastern Africa.
  15. Sugar Peanuts
    Snack and streetfood.
  16. Chicken in Peanut-Tomato Sauce
    A pan-African favorite, known by many names
  17. Fool
    Another ex-pat after-meal treat.
  18. Poulet Yassa
    Classic dish from Senegal.
  19. Kashata
    Something between candy and cookie.
  20. Kola Nut
    Traditional African snack.
  21. Zanzibar Pilau
    Swahili rice dish from Eastern Africa.
  22. Mandazi
    Swahili "doughnuts".
  23. Peanut Soup
    Pan-African soup.
  24. Akara
    Another snack from West Africa
  25. Ashanti Chicken
    Stuffed fowl from Ghana.

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