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soups to desserts: African theme dinners

Suggested Menus for African Dinners

The multi-course (appetizer, soup, main course, dessert, . . . ) meal common in American and Europe (and Asia?) is not the traditional way to eat in sub-Saharan Africa, where the most common meal is a soup or stew or sauce served over a starchy Fufu-like staple or something similar.

There are plenty of African main-course dishes, so to present a Western-style African dinner all that needs to be done is adapt snacks to serve as an appetizers and desserts (see Dessert in Africa). One of the lighter soups (made without the optional ingredients to keep it simpler) can be the soup course. A meatless vegetable dish (which would most likely be the main course in Africa) can be a side dish. Water, beer, or soft-drinks can accompany any African meal.

Here are a few suggested menus for African dinners:

A Central African dinner

A West African dinner

A Swahili dinner

A Kenyan dinner

Gastronomic accuracy demands the admission that, for the most part, these suggested menus do not replicate an "average African meal" -- rather, they provide a "sampler" of dishes from a certain place or people.

Also see the pan-African menu for a Kwanzaa Karamu for Kwanzaa & Black History Month.

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