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Ceebu Jën

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(Senegalese Rice)

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from: Western Africa | cooking method: boiling-simmering

Riz Senegalais (Senegalese Rice)

Senegalese Rice is a slightly simplified version of Ceebu Jën, with an English name. In Senegal, there can be new variation of this fish and rice dish every day, depending on the cook's preferences and what is available at the market. It is not necessary to use all of ingredients listed in this recipe, choose what you like. There are three essentials: (1) rice (2) fish, prepared as described; and (3) tomato, onion, and other vegetables. Include whatever ingredients you like: use a lot of different vegetables for a big dinner, or just a few for a simple meal. The French word riz (rice), pronounced "ree" rhymes with the English word "key".

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