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Fruit Salad

A wide variety of tropical fruits, both native and non-native, are cultivated in Africa. It is more likely that any of the fruits listed in this recipe would be eaten as a snack than made into an elaborate fruit salad. In Western Africa, the closest thing to a dessert course is the "after-chop" and a popular "after-chop" is fruit salad. Fruit Salad is usually served after a meal of Groundnut Stew or Palm-Oil Chop. In Eastern Africa, Swahili people make a Saladi ya Matunda for dessert. One interesting thing about the African fruit salad is the use of the avocado. A perfectly fine fruit salad can be made from just three or four of the ingredients listed below. A fruit salad makes a fine dessert course for an African-style dinner.

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A simple fruit snack or dessert: Any of the fruit above, with honey dripped over it.
Speaking of honey and Africa, do you know about the Honey Guide? Read about it on the Cardamom Tea page.

The watermelon and many other members of the gourd family (Cucurbitaceae, which includes gourds, melons, pumpkins, and squashes) are native to tropical Africa and widely cultivated there. Watermelon have been cultivated in the Eastern hemisphere for thousands of years; they appear in ancient Egyptian art and Sanskrit literature.

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